I’ve been exploring worship for about twenty years. What is it really? Even as a musician, it always bothered me that in my usual circles we equate “worship” with “music.” We’ll have messages asserting the contrary, but at the end of the sermon the leader tells us to “stand to worship.” Is that not what we …


“Have you seen my Auntie Josie? She’s right here. She’s staying at our house tonight.” My most shy niece babbled to strangers in the women’s restroom. Love overcame her fear and made her my personal evangelist. Love is the only true power and reason to evangelize.


“I love you!” Kiss. “I love you!” Kiss. “I love you!” Kiss. “I love you! I love you! I love you!” Long smackeroo on the lips. It was my two-year old niece’s expression of love: simple and repetitive, but never too much. Love doesn’t need to be sophisticated, just sincere.