My toddler nephew would yell that when he was displeased. I felt the same as he did when I heard this week of two friends’ passings. “Displeased” doesn’t describe it. But tonight during worship, I suddenly felt both were doing the same as we were . . . but deeper. Higher. Freer. Yes. Amen.


“What if I can’t. . . ?” my student quietly asked as she shed a tear. Fear of the new and next overwhelmed a history of successful progress and solid scaffolding. This is you, Abba whispered to me. Fears and tears. Help my unbelief. Help me do the next thing.


When I’m tired, I sometimes misread words. While filing my taxes, I thought “extraterritorial income exclusion” was “extraterrestrial income exclusion.” That doesn’t apply to me, I thought, and kept going. Then I realized that couldn’t possibly be right. I went back to check and realized it still doesn’t apply.


I had big plans for my beach afternoon. Lunch, run, and curriculum planning were on the agenda. I forgot a few things. No lunch? No shoes? No worries! I ran barefoot among lapping waves and fought off a ladybug invasion while researching board requirements. Mission almost accomplished.